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Alphonse Mucha – Art Nouveau Visionary

 Alphonse Mucha – Art Nouveau Visionary


 Documentary about Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, 52 mins., directed by Susanna Boehm. Music by Geraldine Mucha.
Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939) is the visionary master of Art Nouveau. Born in what is now known as the Czech Republic, Mucha had his artistic breakthrough in Paris in 1895 with his posters of the world famous actress Sarah Bernhardt. Mucha’s extensive work consists of prints, paintings, drawings and design objects of global fame.

Since 1910, Charles R. Crane, an American millionnaire financed the highlight of Mucha’s artistic work: “The Slav Epic”. This series of 20 monumental paintings focusses on the history of Slavs. The film discovers these widely unknown paintings in a Moravian castle.


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